Body Weight is NOT the Enemy!

Body Weight and how we relate to it is a rocky relationship.  Sometimes we are friends…and sometimes we are arch enemies…but no matter what, we are always connected.

When we are friends with our body weight it is cooperating and staying where we “like” it.  We talk nice and appreciate it, and tend to give the body what it needs. But if the body weight goes up to a place we don’t like, we judge it, we criticize it and we are definitely not nice to the body or appreciate it.  We punish ourselves by over-eating or binge eating OR we over exercise in a punishing way.

Just because we eat something “bad”, doesn’t mean we have to do punishing exercise for eating it.  Food is here to nourish us, not punish.  We are pleasure beings and that is what we are made for. We can experience pleasure in many ways; it doesn’t have to be food, it can be a walk in nature, singing, painting, drawing, jazz, music, ballet, anything.

So, if you want to stop the war with your body, it is time to develop your pleasure inventory.  A pleasure inventory is a detailed list of everything in life that brings you pleasure. Include all things big and small that enrich your life. It could be as grand as an exotic vacation or as simple as petting your dog. Spend time drawing up a list, this may take several days, and you could continue to add to it as you experience more pleasure in your life.

Experiencing pleasure is a vital nutrient in life. Without pleasure, we humans tend to get a little cranky and look to food to ease the tension.  STOP making food the “bad guy”, stop blaming the cause on something else and see the issue for what it is … you are looking for pleasure, plain and simple.

Today when you feel bored, restless, or unfed, take a look at your pleasure inventory for an idea to put the spark back in your life.  Vitamin P is another vital nutrient to add to your daily supplement protocol.

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